Bronx TVB Traffic Tickets

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About the Bronx TVB

New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles established the TVB in 1969. Its purpose today is the same that it was back then: managing the overwhelming volume of NYC traffic tickets.

The Traffic Violations Bureau handles all non-criminal moving violations in New York City. That includes violations like speeding, failing to yield, and failure to stop at stop signs. Any traffic violation that carries criminal penalties is handled by NYC’s criminal court system. The NYC traffic court system does not handle parking tickets or criminal cases.

The Bronx TVB is one of the eight TVB courts in New York City. It handles all the TVB traffic tickets that occur in the general Bronx area.

How to Fight a Bronx Traffic Ticket

Fighting a Bronx traffic ticket is different from fighting other New York traffic tickets. TVB traffic tickets can result in you paying fines, surcharges, and fees to the TVB and DMV. Here is a general outline of how to fight Bronx traffic tickets:

  1. Check the information on your ticket.
  2. Enter a not-guilty plea.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the case and the law.
  4. Hire a NYC traffic lawyer.
  5. Fight your ticket in court.

More Resources for Fighting Bronx Traffic Tickets

The Bronx TVB phone number is (718) 488-5710. Call that number to reach the TVB call center. This call center handles all TVB calls for the eight different traffic courts. Its operators can redirect you to specific departments, give you important information, and provide other services. Their hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on all non-holiday weekdays.

The Bronx TVB address is as follows:

  696 East Fordham Road
  Bronx, NY 10458

Bronx TVB Ticket Tips

First off, make sure to take plenty of pictures. The first thing you should do after the office writes your ticket is start taking pictures. Take pictures of everything, even if it doesn’t seem important. That includes your position when you pulled over, the location of any road signs or notices, the road you were traveling on, and anything else you can see.

Second, always hire a NYC traffic lawyer. People who receive tickets often don’t fight them. You might have social, workplace, or family obligations that don’t give you the time to go to court. NYC traffic lawyers have nothing but time. They devote their every day to fighting Bronx TVB tickets. Best of all, they bring a load of knowledge to the table.

Third, download the WinIt app. The WinIt app can help you network with attorneys and fight your traffic ticket with the press of a button. For more information on the Bronx TVB, contact the experts at WinIt.

If you still have questions about Bronx traffic tickets, comment them below! Our team of NYC traffic lawyers will answer you as soon as possible.

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