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Can WinIt Fight My Ticket?

September 7, 2018

If you received an NYC parking ticket, fight it risk-free by submitting it in the WinIt app. Our team of specialists will dispute your ticket on your behalf! If your ticket is dismissed, WinIt’s fee is only HALF of the original fine. If we don’t win, we’ll notify you so you can pay your parking ticket without any penalties.

If you opened your mail and got a camera moving violation like a Red Light Camera violation or a School Zone speeding ticket, WinIt can help by enabling you to pay the fine with one touch, in the app. Because of the photographic evidence, our team recommends just paying these without trying to fight.

If you were pulled over and given a New York traffic ticket, WinIt can help by connecting you with a vetted, experienced traffic attorney. Only attorneys with years of experience and a high degree of expertise when it comes to fighting NYC traffic tickets are allowed on the WinIt platform.

When you submit your ticket details in the app, we’ll ask you for some basic information like where you got your ticket, and match you with qualified traffic law firms in your area.

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